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Are You In
The Book of Millionaires?

The Book of Millionaires has long been a myth amongst people spanning as far back as ancient times. The book that generations of parents put their children in at birth and the laws of nature and the universe recognizes and acknowledges their destiny.
Never has the book been put online until now. The movie "The Secret" touched on the fact that the elite have known information for a long time wanted to keep the information for themselves.
The Official book is online and here for the people of the world to access, just like the rich have done since the beginning


A millionaire is an individual whose net worth or wealth is equal to or exceeds one million units of currency. Depending on the currency, a certain level of prestige is associated with being a millionaire..


Add your Newborn to the book
The ultimate gift from the universe

. . .

Add an Entrepreneur to the Book
give them the Affirmation they need
to succeed

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Add anyone who deserves it to the book
Although you can add yourself, it is always better to add someone else to the book

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be added to the book


More than just Money

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Author's Bio

James Andrew Themesonn

For Students of
the Law of Attraction

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